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Taking Charge® Workbook for Parents and Caregivers
by Nancy J. Lavelle, Ph.D., and Albert G. Hernandez, Ed.D. with Laura House, L.M.F.T.

A five-hour self-study workbook or used in individual or group coaching with an experienced Linguistic Coach. Optional follow-up coaching after completion of the workbook.

Topics included in the Parents and Caregivers Workbook:

  1. Observing my own assumptions about myself and my child.
  2. Observing how my own and my child’s self-narratives (the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and others) can close or open possibilities for learning.
  3. Working in partnership with my child to build a learning ecology of mutual learning, mutual, trust, and mutual respect.
  4. Understanding and using structured choice to support my child to demonstrate personal responsibility for his or her own learning process.
  5. Identifying my own and assisting my child to identify his or her life concerns.
  6. Recognizing the level of learning competence that my child is demonstrating in my child’s self-identified domains of life concerns and empowering my child to move to his or her next level of learning competence.
  7. Assisting my child to identify his or her own personal learning preferences and styles.
  8. Working in partnership with my child to engage in dialogue possibilities that turn his or her learning breakdowns into learning opportunities.
  9. Recognizing and using the four speech acts that are the basis for committed speaking and listening to open possibilities for my child to learn.
  10. Observing and designing the underlying features of a successful learning environment in my own home.
  11. Observing, acknowledging, and empowering my child to acknowledge when he or she demonstrates citizenship competencies that open possibilities for his or her own learning success.
  12. Understanding what it means to be a parent, caregiver, or sibling of a special needs or at-risk learner.
  13. Building a family and a family-professional learning community.
  • Section I: Dedication/Acknowledgements, Purpose/Objectives, Message to Parents/Caregivers
  • Section II: What is Taking Charge®?
  • Section III: What are our Self-Narratives?
  • Section IV: What is the Learner Self-Narrative?
  • Section V: What is a Learning Ecology?
  • Section VI: What are Dialogues for Action?
  • Section VII: What is a Learning Community?
  • Section VIII: Conclusion and Next Steps

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