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- Parents and Caregivers -

A Message to Parents and Caregivers:

Being a parent or caregiver takes courage, strength, and stamina. It is a lifelong job for parents and a huge commitment for caregivers. No matter what your personal needs are; whether you are just tired, or have problems at work or with your spouse, children need to be supported, nurtured, and loved. Yet few parents or caregivers have the training or knowledge on how to be a good parent or caregiver. Most of us rely on our intuition or on memories of our own parents and being children ourselves. Often we make mistakes and are frustrated by reoccurring problems. And, unfortunately, parents and caregivers of learners with challenges are often blamed for their children having difficulties at school or in the community.

Taking Charge® empowers parents and caregivers to:

  • - View your child as a learner: whole, able, and complete just as he or she is and just as he or she is not.
  • - Develop good observation and communication skills.
  • - Understand the source of learning breakdowns and dialogue with your child to solve them.
  • - Create a successful learning environment in your home.
  • - Build a family and professional learning community as a network of support.
  • - Make effective choices and take action.

View the Taking Charge® courses below and choose the right one for you.

A 5-hour self-study workbook or for use in individual or group coaching with an experienced Linguistic Coach. Optional follow-up coaching after completion of the workbook. For more information, to order a workbook, or to register for individual or group coaching, click here.

The Taking Charge® programs are also offered as seminars, workshops, or as a Linguistic Coaching® model on an individual or group consultative basis.
For more information or to request consultation services, click here.

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